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Can DoorDash deliver your med?

Can DoorDash Really Pick Up Prescriptions?

Doordash has quickly become the go-to platform for food delivery. But could it be picking up medication as well?

Can DoorDash Really Pick Up Prescriptions?

DoorDash Prescription Pick Up and Delivery Service

Currently only available in Detroit, Mi.

You may need to create a new prescription delivery account on (Your existing DoorDash account will not work)

  1. The DoorDash Pharmacy Concierge can help you get started, add your medicines, and confirm how much they will cost by phone or text.
  2. The Pharmacy Concierge will text you once a neighborhood pharmacy fills your prescription to let you know when your prescriptions are prepared for online payment.
  3. You can utilize your insurance to pay for your prescriptions if you require them. Your co-pay will be reflected in the pricing when you check out in the app.
  4. DoorDash will fulfill the last mile of Prescription delivery. All drivers are required to adhere to specific procedures while handling prescription drugs.
    • All packaging must be opaque and sealed during pick-up and delivery of all items in order to protect client privacy.
    • Prescriptions that require a signature are either handed directly to the customer or placed at the time of delivery in a safe place.
Two ways to add prescriptions into the DoorDash account:

Existing prescriptions

DoorDash will transfer your prescriptions to a nearby pharmacy in their network if you already have them at another pharmacy and would like them delivered via DoorDash for Prescriptions.

Once you give DoorDash some key information (such as the name of the prescription, the current pharmacy, and your home address), they will take care of the rest. Medications are often ready for delivery within one business day.

New prescriptions from doctor

Mention “DoorDash Pharmacy” when your healthcare professional asks you what’s your pharmacy when you visit them. You may send prescriptions directly to DoorDash for Prescriptions. The prescription will then be forwarded to a neighborhood pharmacy in DoorDash’s network within the delivery area. The following details may be required by your provider:

  • Name of Pharmacy: DoorDash Pharmacy Services, LLC
  • Pharmacy address: 1033 W. Roosevelt Way, Tempe AZ 85281
  • Phone Number: (623) 295-2839
  • Pharmacy Fax Number: (888) 979-8069

How Does DoorDash Ensure the Safe Delivery of Client’s Prescription Drugs?

DoorDash has taken a few steps to make sure your medications are delivered successfully and safely, these includes:

The packaging used to deliver prescriptions is opaque, sealed, and tamper-proof. Only your name and delivery address will be visible to dashers, together with a delivery slip that serves as evidence of delivery.

Signature upon delivery. This ensures that your medications make it directly into your hands.

How Long Does It Take for DoorDash to Deliver Prescriptions?

DoorDash’s goal is to deliver your medicines as fast as possible after a local pharmacy has filled them and you’ve paid online.

Is It Possible to Send Prescriped Controlled Substances Through DoorDash?

Is It Possible to Send Prescriped Controlled Substances Through DoorDash?

DoorDash is typically able to facilitate delivery of all prescriptions with the exception of Schedule II Controlled Substances.


DoorDash is a relatively new service that is looking to pick up prescription orders. However, there are some kinks that the company will need to work out before it can really compete.

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