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Learn everything you need to know about DoorDash and suspended licenses.

Can You Still Do DoorDash If Your License Is Suspended?

If you’ve recently had your license suspended, you may be wondering if you can still do DoorDash. This post will address all of these concerns.

Can you still do DoorDash if your license is suspended? Here's what you should know.

Is it possible to DoorDash when my driver’s license is suspended?

In most states, a driver’s license can be suspended for a variety of reasons, such as not paying a ticket or accumulating too many points on your driving record. If you’re wondering if you can still use DoorDash with a suspended license, the answer is usually no.

Most delivery services require that you present a valid driver’s license in order to operate the app and pick up food orders.

If you are caught driving without a valid license while working for DoorDash, it not only can cause trouble for the company. Not to mention that it will harm their reputation.

This is why having a valid driver’s license is so vital to DoorDash when you work for them.

What are the Doordash driving record requirements?

It’s probable that you’ll need a legitimate domestic driver’s license, insurance, and a clean driving record.

Will Doordash know if your license is suspended while you’re working as a Dasher?

The answer is yes. Doordash does have the ability to see if your driver’s license is currently suspended. If it is, you will likely be terminated from your position as a Dasher.

It is important, to be honest with Doordash about any legal issues that may affect your ability to work as a Dasher. As long as you’re honest about your situation, Doordash will understand.

They may decide to give you a break and suspend your account for a short period of time. Allowing you to return to work after your license has been proven to be legitimate.

What happens if your driver’s license is suspended and you have a rental car in your possession?

Some may rent a car to Doordash. What should you do when your license gets suspended while still possessing the rental car?

A suspended driver’s license is the same as no license: your right to drive is suspended. Basically, you are not allowed to Doordash with the “car”. If you do, you commit a serious offense.

To avoid future conflict, return the car to the rental company right away.

Can I appeal due to an error or missing information in the background check?

You may contact Checkr, Inc. (the company that conducted the background check on DoorDash) directly by phone or by using the Checkr application portal if you believe the contents of your background check are inaccurate or missing.

How long does a background check take?

Processing your background check can take anywhere from 5-7 days to several weeks. You can check the status of your background check by contacting Checkr, Inc.

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In summary, Doordash with a suspended license is not possible. If you are caught driving with a suspended license, you could face fines, jail time, and other penalties.

It is important to obey the law and take the necessary steps to reinstate your license if it has been suspended.

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