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Order Doordash to hotel? Any restriction of getting outside food to the hotel you are staying?

DoorDash Delivery to Hotels: What You Need to Know

When we take a vacation. Sometimes we just want to unwind and stay in our hotel rooms rather than go out. Is DoorDash able to deliver to hotels?

We’ll learn more about it in this article.

DoorDash is now delivering food to hotels in select cities! This new delivery service is perfect for business travelers, tourists, or anyone who wants a delicious meal without having to leave their hotel.

Can Doordash deliver to hotels?

In most cases, the answer is “yes.” When staying at a hotel, you can have food delivered to you.

However, it is not permitted in every hotel. You may want to double-check your hotel’s position on the subject and ask the front desk if they have any restrictions on this subject.

You’ll find that most hotels are unconcerned about it.

Does DoorDasher deliver to the hotel’s room?

Yes, you probably can.

However, hotel policies differ on whether delivery personnel is allowed to enter the lobby; it’s best to verify with the front desk.

Some newer buildings have restricted access and require a keycard to even use the elevators… The older buildings usually aren’t that difficult to gain access to.

It’s always best to call the front desk and let them know you’re expecting a delivery if the hotel allows it. As a result, the hotel receptionist will know to send the Dasher to your room and instruct them on how to get to your room.

So by verify with the front desk in advance can help to avoid unnecessary delays for the food to reach you. Or else, just meet the Dasher in the lobby.

Be super specific or some poor delivery person might hate you. And be generous with your tips, orelse have a risk of nobody pick up your order.

Order DoorDash to a hotel room. DoorDash is the best way to get food from your favorite local restaurants delivered straight to your hotel room.

How do I order DoorDash to a hotel room?

  1. Verify with the front desk regarding the hotel’s policy.
  2. Open the DoorDash app on your smartphone.
  3. Insert a new address
  4. Verify that the GPS has the correct address, which is normally printed on the phone in the room.
  5. Put your room number in the apt/suite section.
  6. Note down the address
  7. Order meals from the list of restaurants that have appeared for your specific location.
  8. DoorDash assigns the order to a driver.
  9. Track your delivery.
  10. Tip your driver.

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Conclusion on having DoorDash deliver to hotels.

Like any other order, DoorDash delivers to hotel rooms. However, certain hotels do not allow Dasher to enter the rooms, so your food may be waiting for you at the front desk.

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