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How to Earn More Sweatcoins? Sweatcoin Hacks

Sweatcoin is a new way to make money by working out. You can redeem the digital currency from the app (Sweatcoins) for rewards like discounts on workout gear, giftcards, or even cash. Sweatcoin is also a way to track your workouts and compete with friends.

How to Earn More Sweatcoins?

For every 1,000 steps that you take, you will earn 1 Sweatcoin. Other than that, there are a few other ways to earn more Sweatcoins on the Sweatcoin app. [One Sweatcoin is worth around 0.01 USD.]

Invite your friends to join the app.

For every friend that you refer, you will earn 5 Sweatcoins. On the home page, next to “Invite a Friend,” click the “Get 5 SWC Now” button to invite friends.

Friends can be added through your phone’s contact book, Facebook Connect, or by sending your unique referral link via social media, email, or text message.

Participate in challenges on the app.

Challenges are a great way to get motivated and stay on track with your fitness goals. You can find challenges for all kinds of workouts, from running and cycling to weightlifting and yoga.

Joining a challenge is easy. Just search for the challenge you’re interested in on the Sweatcoin app or website, and then sign up. Once you’re signed up, all you have to do is complete the workouts listed in the challenge.

Challenges vary in length, but most last around two weeks. At the end of the challenge, you’ll receive rewards based on how many workouts you completed. The more workouts you complete, the more rewards you’ll earn.

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Watching ads on the app.

Ads can be found by going to the “Earn” tab and then selecting the “Watch Ads” option.

There are several ads available, and they can be watched for a certain amount of time in order to earn Sweatcoins. The amount of time required varies depending on the ad.

Normally, watching the ads each day enables one to get an extra 2–5 Sweatcoins on average.

Avoid walking too close to tall buildings.

Walking near big buildings has been demonstrated to cast a shadow over your location, and your GPS will not register those steps because they will be considered indoor steps.

This is crucial in obtaining extra Sweatcoins. To avoid this, choose to walk roads away from a tall buildings or choose to walk in parks with no towering buildings nearby.

Allow the program to run in the background.

You can earn more Sweatcoins simply by doing what you normally do without exerting any additional effort by allowing the program to run in the background. I like to call them “Free Sweatcoins.” You receive them for doing what you’re supposed to be doing regardless.

Is there a way to earn more by tricking Sweatcoin into thinking that you are walking?

Using the Mock GPS app

By using a mock GPS app, you can make it appear as though you are moving even when you are stationary. This will cause Sweatcoin to credit you with more steps, and thus, more money.

While there are some risks associated with this method, it can be a great way to pad your wallet. Just be sure to use caution when using mock GPS apps, as they can be used to track your movements.

Fake walking action

Ride a bike slowly enough to resemble walking. While riding, put your phone in your pocket.

Prioritize your health, instead of focusing on the reward

Sweatcoin’s main goal is to encourage people to walk more, which has numerous health benefits.

Instead of thinking about methods to cheat Sweatcoin and get more Sweatcoins. Wouldn’t it be better to think of the app as a tool to make you healthier, and the Sweatcoins currency that comes with it as just an extra incentive?

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