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How to Edit DoorDash Tip? (What You Need to Know)

Doordash is a popular app that lets you order food and drinks from local businesses. The app also includes a tipping feature, which allows you to tip your delivery driver directly.

In this article, we’ll go over how to adjust the amount both before and after the food is delivered.

In this article, we will show you how to edit your DoorDash tipping preferences easily.

How does DoorDash tipping work?

Although it is not compulsory, some people still tip. The typical tip percentage ranges from 10-15%, though it may be more or less depending on the circumstance. To know why people tip the driver, you might want to read this.

A suggested tip amount was pre-set in the checkout setting of the DoorDash app. Customers are allowed to tip (or no tip) as they see fit, because tips are not included in the cost of the food. Tipping is a common practice to show appreciation to drivers for their services, especially when the delivery requires extra work, such as delivering it to a hotel room.

How to edit a tip on DoorDash?

Mobile App
  1. From your device, open the DoorDash app and search for the eatery or retailer you want to order from.
  2. Once you’ve decided which things to order, click “Checkout” and then “Continue.”
  3. Modify your delivery time, address, drop-off location, and phone number under the Checkout menu.
  4. Choose from the tipping amount under “Dasher Tip” or click “Other.” Enter the desired tip amount if you chose “Other.”
  5. Then proceed to “place order”.
Web Browser
  1. Sign in to your DoorDash account, then find the restaurant or business of your choice and make an order.
  2. After selecting all of your purchases, click “Checkout.”
  3. Modify the delivery settings, and then click “Dasher Tip” on the right menu bar. Either choose a preset amount from the list of suggested tips or click “Other.”
  4. When finished, click “Place Order.”

Do not select “Place Order” when you are on the checkout page. You can adjust the tip you leave by using a feature on this screen. Adjust as necessary here, and then touch “Place Order” when you are certain of the tip amount you want to leave.

You cannot adjust your tip once you have placed your order and the money has been processed. This is why it’s crucial to enter the sum you are confident you are willing to pay.

Does DoorDash have a tip adjustment option? You can read the answer here.

What if I want to edit a DoorDash tip after the order is delivered?

Increase the amount of the tip

Yes, you may use the DoorDash app to offer a gratuity for your DoorDash driver after delivery. Consider the delivery person who goes above and beyond to enhance your experience. You may express your gratitude by including additional tips for them after delivery.

  • Go to the “Your Orders” tab in the DoorDash app.
  • Pick the sequence in which you want to leave tips.
  • In the “I’d like to tip” section, select “Add Tip.”
  • Click “Submit Tip” after entering the desired tip amount.
Decrease or remove the amount of the tip

Unfortunately, the action to reduce the tipping amount is not as simple as the above.

You are unable to refund your tip once your item has been delivered because that is when the payment process already begins. You may need a very good reason to get any kind of refund, even if it is just the tip.

Submit a claim to DoorDash support

To submit a claim, you must go to the DoorDash website or through the DoorDash app to fill out a claim. This action will direct you to the “Contact Customer Support” page, you will need to fill out the form where you must specify why you want to adjust your tip.

How long does it take to change/refund the tip amount?

The tip adjustment often takes place within 24 hours on a working day, though this is not always the case.

Your claim is more likely to be honored if you file it as soon as possible. In comparison to a case that has been open for more than a month, your odds of success are higher for you to file a claim on the delivery that happens on the same day.

Alter a DoorDash tip? Unless absolutely necessary.

In conclusion, it takes time to change your DoorDash tip or seek a refund, and you might never be able to do so successfully—especially after you place an order or after the meal is delivered. It is actually not worth it unless you have a strong justification for doing so.

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