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Can DoorDash Really Pick Up Prescriptions?

Can DoorDash deliver your med?

Doordash has quickly become the go-to platform for food delivery. But could it be picking up medication as well? DoorDash Prescription Pick Up and Delivery Service Currently only available in Detroit, Mi. You may need to create a new prescription…

DoorDash Cancels My Order: Why?

Why did DoorDash cancel my order?

There could be a variety of reasons why DoorDash might cancel an order: The restaurant is too busy and can’t accommodate the order. If the restaurant stops accepting takeout orders, your order will be canceled. The restaurant may have been…

Is DoorDash stealing tips? Again?!

DoorDash has been accused of stealing tips from their delivery drivers. Is this true?

Some people are concerned that DoorDash is stealing tips from their deliveries. This isn’t the first time that DoorDash has been accused of stealing tips. Is DoorDash taking your tips? No, now DoorDash is no longer taking your tips. Previously,…